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All of DECRA’s products have been tested in compliance with the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (Broward & Dade Counties) of the Florida Building Code. While not typically required outside the state of Florida, the testing methods have produced fastening schedules with maximum design uplift pressures that would be beneficial to any area that experiences high winds – particularly those along the coasts.

Please note that for testing purposes, each product is tested to twice the amount of maximum design uplift pressure noted for each of the installation options. However, the numbers are divided by 2 in testing methods to allow for a 100% safety factor. The maximum design uplift pressure is expressed in negative numbers to reflect the amount of pressure applied in an attempt to peel the metal panels away from the roof.

For Miami-Dade County, the required ratings are set out below. To view specific fastening schedules and maximum design uplift pressures for DECRA panels, please click on the desired wind rate and exposure. Within each of the wind ratings and exposures, there are five installation assemblies: on battens, on battens and counter battens, direct to deck, on steel battens and Villa direct to deck.

All DECRA products have a 120 mph wind warranty.




130 MPH
B Exposure

130 MPH
C Exposure

140 MPH
B Exposure

140 MPH
C Exposure

150 MPH
B Exposure

150 MPH
C Exposure


-30.4 psf

-42.6 psf

-35.3 psf

-49.4 psf

-40.5 psf

-56.7 psf


-48.4 psf

-67.8 psf

-56.2 psf

-78.7 psf

-64.5 psf

-90.3 psf


-71.6 psf

-100.2 psf

-83.1 psf

-116.3 psf

-95.4 psf

-133.6 psf


-56.7 psf

-79.4 psf

-65.7 psf

-92.0 psf

-75.5 psf

-105.7 psf


-95.3 psf

-133.4 psf

-110.6 psf

-154.8 psf

-126.9 psf

-177.7 psf


Miami Dade County:
Miami Dade County NOA#11-0601.11 Tile, Villa Tile, Shake, Shake XD, Shingle XD, Shingle Plus

FL Approvals: 

DECRA Graphic  

Approval #9759.R3 Tile, Shake, Shingle Plus (battens)

    1) Installation: FL9759 R3 II Installation
    2) Engineering: FL9759 R3 AEngineer
DECRA Graphic   Approval #11255.R3 Villa Tile, Shake XD Shingle, Shingle XD, Shingle Plus (direct to deck)
    1) Installation: FL11255 R3 II Installation
    2) Engineering: FL11255 R3 AEngineer

Click here for areas outside of the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), or you can follow the fastening schedules set out within the HVHZ