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DECRA's Manufacturing Facility: The Heart of Operational Excellence

DECRA Innovation Since 1957

DECRA has been the roofing industry’s leading innovator since 1957, with historical roots going back even further to World War 2. That’s when the Decraspray Company, stepped up to meet the challenge of developing emulsion techniques for camouflaging Allied building roofs to protect them from Axis air raids. After the war, when peacetime renovators attempted to remove the resilient granular coatings they faced a nearly impossible task. 

Since then, DECRA has built on that early success with improved acrylic-bonding formulas and high-grade multi-layered steel with advanced zinc-aluminum alloy coatings. The result is the industry’s strongest steel roofing profile which today are the walk-away champion in every roofing product comparison category

DECRA: Made in the U.S. For Operational Excellence 

DECRA roofing products are manufactured right here in the U.S at our 108,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Corona, California where we lead the way in both productivity and workforce safety. 

Two busy shifts are continuously building stock to maintain full inventories for our distribution centers around the country. All 43 manufacturing team employees - including operators, department leaders, and shift supervisors - combine talents in DECRA’s lean manufacturing culture. 

Our team approach to manufacturing ensures that our continuously evolving 5-step process always meets customer demands and keep roofing projects on time and on budget. As a result, DECRA is the only metal roofing manufacturer that is able to ship just 72 hours after receiving a purchase order

Our 5-step manufacturing process includes:

  1. Fabrication and stamping of the high-grade steel panel blanks 

  2. Application of the basecoat

  3. Application and bonding of granular stone chips

  4. Application of the protective overglaze coat

  5. Final curing of the finished stone-coated steel product

Our automated oven-loading and unloading process for the Shake, Shake XD, Shingle XD, and Tile profiles eliminates any risk of manual handling errors prior to the final curing process. Modern automation combined with the skill and experience of the DECRA manufacturing team ensures the highest quality expected by the most demanding customers. 

DECRA stone-coated steel Villa Tile replicates the distinctive barrel form of Italian clay tile and is one of the most challenging roofing profiles to produce due to the barrel shape and the number of grooves in the material. To solve this challenge and to ensure the quality of the product, DECRA developed custom machinery to ensure proper line adjustments for both the base coating and the chip application processes for this complex profile. 

Benefits of U.S. Manufacturing

While imitation metal roofing manufacturers focus on savings from cheaper labor and production costs, DECRA focuses on quality and operational excellence to set the gold standard for metal roofing products and is the only metal roofing manufacturer that can claim:

  • Shortest Lead Times: With fully stocked inventories strategically located throughout the U.S., DECRA can provide the shortest lead times in the industry. The ability to ship in just 72 hours after receiving your purchase order increases customer satisfaction in this age of the “Amazon Effect” when consumers expect rapid delivery of products and services in the normal course of doing business. 
  • Centralized U.S. Quality Control: With all of the critical manufacturing processes centralized under one roof at the DECRA facility right here in Corona, California, precise quality control is never an issue. When materials are manufactured halfway around the world in a string of different facilities, poor product quality can be severely disruptive to project schedules and budgets. Many countries fall far short of the high U.S. standards for high-quality raw materials, user and worker safety, and environmental requirements. 

If you’re a roofing professional who wants to offer the ultimate level of roofing services you can rely on DECRA for timely delivery, support, and quality products. Learn more about DECRA’s metal roofing products today. 

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