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Logos and Submarks

  • The DECRA logo should always have “Metal Roofing” below it unless there is a circumstance where it is so small that metal roofing cannot be clearly read (example: a promotional pen).
  • The DECRA logo should only be used horizontally.
  • Use the submark for small or square uses (example: social media profile). Submarks should be used when the logo placement is too small to see “Metal Roofing” or for square spaces like favicons.

Logo and Submark Spacing

The minimum whitespace around the DECRA Metal Roofing logo is equal to the height of the word “DECRA” squared off

The minimum whitespace around the D submarks is equal to the height of the inside of the “D” squared off.

  • DECRA_logo_spacing-1920w-1
  • DECRA_logo_spacing-1920w-2
  • DECRA_logo_spacing-1920w-3
  • DECRA_logo_spacing-1920w-4

Logo Placement

The DECRA logo should ALWAYS be placed in the top left of a document. Spacing around the logo should adhere to the guidelines on the previous page.

  • Screen+Shot+2020-03-25+at+8.37.00+AM-1920w-1

The DECRA Gold Bar

  • The DECRA gold bar should always be 6.75 points high.
  • The DECRA gold bar should only be used horizontally. In the instance that a vertical bar is used, it should be DECRA Blue.
  • The 6.75 point DECRA gold bar should always appear underneath the blue when used as a full-width design element
  • A thin gold bar can be used alone as an accent design element
  • DECRA_Gold_Bar_sample_1-1920w-2
  • DECRA_Gold_Bar_sample_2-1920w-1


  • All headline fonts, subtitles, subheaders, CTAs, and buttons are Roboto Condensed and all body copy is Source Sans Pro.
  • Subtitles should be DECRA Gold.
  • Subheads should be DECRA Blue.
  • DECRA_font_samples-1920w-1

Color Palette


DECRA Blue, and DECRA Gold are the “signature colors” of the brand and form the foundation of the brand palette. When a full-color piece is produced, these two colors should always be included in the overall design.


The secondary color palette consists of additional colors that may be used, but only in addition to one or more signature colors. Secondary palette colors are meant to give design flexibility when use of a lighter color is needed for type readability or as a design accent.

  • DECRA Blue

    PANTONE 7694C C100, M55, Y10, K48 R: 0 G: 65 B: 107 HEX: #00416B

  • DECRA Gold

    PANTONE Gold 111C C33, M40, Y100, K7 R: 171 G: 137 B: 0 HEX: #AB8900

  • DECRA Blue (50%)

    R:127 G:157 B:180 HEX: #7f9db4 C53, M30, Y20, K0

  • DECRA Light Gray

    R: 228 G:228 B:228 HEX: #E4E4E4 C9, M7, Y7, K0

  • True Black

    R: 0 G:0 B:0 HEX: #000000 C75, M68, Y67, K90

  • True White

    R: 255 G:255 B:255 HEX: #ffffff C0, M0, Y0, K0


The DECRA product order should always be as follows:

  • DECRA Villa Tile
  • DECRA Tile
  • DECRA Shingle XD®
  • DECRA Shake XD®
  • DECRA Shake

When listing out the products in copy (a press release, for example), it is acceptable to only use DECRA once and list them as follows: DECRA Villa Tile, Tile, Shingle XD, Shake XD, and Shake.

It is only necessary to use the ® symbol with the first instance of the mark, or with the most prominent placement of the mark. It is a common misconception that each and every instance of the mark should bear a trademark symbol.

All copy should adhere to AP Style guidelines.

Use U.S. instead of USA, US, or U.S.A.

Only refer to roofing professionals as contractors (do not mention installers, preferred contractors, or certified contractors).

Lifetime Limited Warranty is always capitalized.

Refer to DECRA Metal Roofing in the first instance of any copy, then in subsequent usage DECRA can stand alone.

The DECRA phone number should be written as 877-463-3272. Please do not use 877-GO-DECRA.

  • Screen+Shot+2020-03-25+at+8.45.16+AM-1920w-1


Please click the button below to download DECRA Metal Roofing images that are available for public use. By downloading these images, you are agreeing not to alter, edit or modify the images in any way.

For access to the entire DECRA Metal Roofing library of un-watermarked images, please send a request to marketing@decra.com

Marketing Collateral Guidelines – Flyers


  • The blue bar header should measure 1.9 inches in height.
  • The title of the flyer should be centered with the DECRA logo and right-aligned.
  • One-line titles should be in all caps.
  • Two-line titles should have the first letter of each word capitalized. Prepositions should not be capitalized.


  • Subtitles should be title case DECRA Gold, usually 26 pt. font.
  • Subheaders should be title case DECRA Blue, usually 16 pt. font.
  • Always make sure that the white space above the subtitle and the white space below the footer is even.


  • Bullets should be a right-pointing triangle in DECRA Gold. This bullet can be found in the font Klavika Arrows as “1.”
  • If used as a design element, opacity should only be used on DECRA Blue and set at 75%.


  • The footer copy should include only a vertical blue bar, the phone number, website address, and copyright information.
  • A thin .5 pt. blue bar should always be above the footer copy.
  • The white space between the footer copy and the blue bar should be the same as the white space between the bottom of the footer copy and the bottom of the page.

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