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Cleaning A DECRA Roof

Download the DECRA Roof Cleaning Guide here

Due to inevitable accumulation of dust, dirt and airborne pollutants on roof surfaces over time, it may become necessary to periodically clean your roof. Accumulated dirt is also a food source for possible algae, lichen, mildew or moss growth on your roof’s surface.

To clean your roof, carefully consider the following practices:

DO take all safety precautions, including fall safety measures, while cleaning your DECRA roof.
DO use cleaning and post-wash algae, mildew, lichen, moss preventative products that are not corrosive and will not harm your lawn and garden.
DO carefully follow the preparation and application instructions for any cleaning product you use on your DECRA roof. As for cleaning products to consider, the following list – while not comprehensive – does offer products that are compatible with DECRA roofing (in alphabetical order):
• Bayer Advanced 2-in-1 Moss & Algae Killer
• Clenz-O2-Roof by Greenflow USA
• Wash Safe Roof Wash
• Spray & Forget Roof Cleaner Concentrate
• Wet & Forget Outdoor
DO disconnect roof cistern collection systems to avoid contamination when cleaning your roof. Allow the roof to further flush via at least three rainfall occurrences before re-connecting roof water run-off back into the cistern collection system.
DO NOT use copper- or iron-based products or solutions to clean or treat a DECRA roof for algae, mildew, lichen, or moss growth. Copper-based products or solutions accelerate corrosion to DECRA roof panels, due to dissimilar metals galvanic reaction. Iron-based products will rust stain your roof.
DO NOT use water pressure above 500 psi. Carefully use water spray more for a rinse procedure rather than a primary dirt and algae, mildew, lichen, moss removal method. AVOID forceful removal of roof panel stone coat granules in all instances.
DO NOT exceed 160 degrees (F) water/solution temperature if using a heated water/steam type
cleaning apparatus.