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Attic Insulation

DECRA Metal Roofing provides a stone-coated metal roofing system that has an aesthetic appeal superior to other roofing systems. DECRA panels can be installed on battens or direct to deck. With either installation, DECRA panels are installed over solid decking: exterior grade plywood (min 3/8”) conforming to specifications of the American Plywood Association, and/or 7/16” OSB or chipboard. When installed, there is a significant air space between the roof deck and the underside of the stone-coated metal panel; the amount of air space depends on the panel profile and the installation method.

DECRA does not endorse or recommend any particular brand or type of internal attic insulation. DECRA does recognize that all known types of internal attic insulation maybe used in conjunction with DECRA when the DECRA panels are installed per DECRA’s installation guides for that particular panel profile. Heat transfer via conduction from the attic to the roof panel will be minimized because of the air space between the roof deck and the DECRA panel.

DECRA does not foresee any compatibility issues with any known attic insulations. However, DECRA does recommend that the insulation installer consults with the insulation provider for any potential compatibility or installation issues. Examples of known insulations may include but are not limited to cellulose, fiberglass, Icynene, expanding foam, radiant barriers, radiant coatings, and reflective insulations.

Download the attic insulation bulletin here