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Panel Vent Application

DECRA Panel Vents are designed to provide an outlet for heated attic air at the ridge. They should be used in conjunction with standard attic air inlets at the eave or soffit areas of the attic space. DECRA Panel Vents should NOT be used for air intake. It is recommended that the net free area of inlet air at the eave or soffit be equal to or exceed the net free area of the outlet air
provided by the DECRA Panel Vents. DECRA provides a ventilation calculator on our website (www.decra.com) to help determine the proper number of vents needed for proper ventilation based on the “1 in 150” or “1 in 300” rules as applicable based on the use of vapor retarder.

Panel Vent Location

Panel Vents should be installed on the last full course below the ridge and no more than four feet down from the peak of the roof facet.

Download the panel vent technical bulletin here