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XD Rake Channel - Shake XD and Shingle XD

Product Enhancement Notice
DECRA has recently designed a new rake channel called XD Rake Channel, which will replace both the Shake XD and Shingle XD Rake Channels. The transition to the new XD Rake Channel will be implemented around August 1, 2017. The transition could affect inventories and installations if special care is not taken.

All FULL PALLETS will be marked as DO NOT MIX.

The new XD Rake Channel design has a height of 1-1/4” to accommodate both the Shake XD and Shingle XD Panels.

Note: Special care must be taken not to mix inventories of the new XD Rake Channel and the old XD Rake Channels. Because the Rake Channel height is different the products will not match up on an installation. 

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes please contact 
your local DECRA Regional Manager.

Download the XD Rake Channel technical bulletin here