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DECRA Metal Roofing Conducts Higher Testing Standards

DECRA Metal Roofing Conducts Higher Testing Standards

Since DECRA products are engineered to withstand anything Mother Nature can dish out, we submit all products for independent laboratory testing to verify that the advanced properties that make DECRA roofs the reigning champion in every performance category are present in each and every panel. 

Manufacturers of imitation stone-coated steel roofing products strive to satisfy just the minimum U.S. building code requirements, narrowly focused on wind and fire resistance. 

Lifetime roofing endurance requires much more than that. 

This is why DECRA is the only stone-coated steel roofing manufacturer to conduct exhaustive 13-point independent laboratory testing to ensure our products provide a lifetime of protection. 

Meeting the Higher Testing Standards of Canada

Many of our competitors, especially overseas manufacturers, don’t offer their products in Canada since the harsh weather conditions of the region require rigorous testing that is beyond the scope of their products. 

DECRA, on the other hand, has had a long-established reputation for quality in Canada and our roofs have been enduring harsh Canadian winters for decades -- still retaining their original beauty and strength. 

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A DECRA Tile Roof in Ottawa, Canada installed in 1978

DECRA takes pride in the being the only stone-coated steel roofing manufacturer to meet or exceed the rigorous tests below and have the quality of our products verified by independent laboratory testing:

Let’s look at the 13 physical properties that all DECRA products are independently tested for: 

Physical Property

Method and Standard

Roofing Performance Characteristic

Material Thickness

Micrometer or Vernier Caliper measurement

Impact resistance and shear strength

Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Thickness


Strength, bending, and anti-corrosion

Coating Quality

CAN/CGSB-93.3 Section 6.2

55% Aluminum-zinc alloy quality for exterior exposure and weather durability

Coating Thickness

CAN/CGSB-93.3 Section 6.2 | Thickness measured per ASTM D1005

Adequate protective (film) thickness for weather durability and thermal performance

Film Adhesion

CAN/CGSB-93.3 Section 6.5.1

Ageless beauty and color without granular loss


CAN/CGSB-93.3 Section 6.7.1 | Test per ASTM D3363

Class 4 Hail Impact resistance and fully walkable roof surface


CAN/CGSB-93.3 Section 6.8

Withstands bends required for cupolas, towers, and complex roof geometry

Humidity Resistance at 100% relative humidity

ASTM D2247

Test for water damage resistance to detect deficiencies in coatings

Salt Spray Resistance (Salt fog spray)


Resist metal corrosion in the harshest environment

Durability (Sunlight and ultraviolet rays)

CAN/CGSB-93.3 | Test per ASTM G155

Prevent color pigment degradation, rusting, and breakdown from UV rays

(Loss of Adhesion Test)

ASTM D4977

Prevent the loss of stone-coating and abrasive wear common with asphalt shingles

Traffic Load


Resistance to deflection for walkable roofs and enhanced impact resistance

Uniform Load (Performance rating for flooring and structural panels)

APA Test S-2 in American Plywood Association PRP-108

Load testing for walkable roof and weight-bearing under snow loads

*Download a PDF of our independent testing results here.

About DECRA Metal Roofing

DECRA Metal Roofing is the innovator of stone-coated steel roofing technology since our founding in 1957, perfecting a proprietary technique with a development history going back to WW2. Since then, DECRA’s stone-coated, high-grade, 55% aluminum-zinc alloy roofing products have set the gold standard for sustainable roofing materials with the resilience and beauty to endure for a lifetime. 

When you’re ready to join more than 1 million satisfied DECRA homeowners, contact a DECRA Metal Roofing advisor today. 

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