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Homeowner Tips

Best Roofing Material for Hail-Prone Regions in 2021

Trevor UnderwoodApril 19, 2021
This year's hail season has the potential to be more severe than usual due to a climate pattern called La Niña. As described by NOAA, La Niña is a climate cycle ...

DECRA Stone-Coated Steel: The Best Roofing Material for Fire Protection

Mark GallantAugust 24, 2020
Fire Risk in the US According to 2017 Verisk data reported by the Insurance Information Institute, 4.5 million US homes are at high or extreme risk from wildfire. ...

Stone-Coated Steel: The Best Roofing Material for Desert Homes

Trevor UnderwoodAugust 3, 2020
Elements That Affect Desert Homes Desert home roofs face some of the most challenging extremes of temperature, wind, sand, low humidity, and sunlight exposure. While ...

Tornadoes on the Rise in 2019 Well Beyond Tornado Alley

Trevor UnderwoodApril 22, 2019
Historically, tornadoes have been a common occurrence in Oklahoma, Colorado, Texas, and Kansas earning these states the ominous title of "Tornado Alley". Since 1979 ...