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Case Study: DECRA Metal Roof Protects Against Severe Hail

large hailstone
Case Study: DECRA Metal Roof Protects Against Severe Hail

South Dakota summers are notorious for intense thunderstorms that bring a heavyweight class of hail.

In May of 2022, homeowner and Sioux Falls resident Don Clement watched an intense barrage of golf ball and tennis ball-sized hail leave a wake of destruction in his neighborhood.

The impact from the massive hailstones hit his home with such force his entire house vibrated upon impact. “Even crazier, the hailstones were so strong that, even though they hit the roof at high speeds, they didn’t break. The stones rolled off the roof and down the driveway.”

While many of the homes in the Sioux City suburb had extensive roof damage, Don’s DECRA roof withstood the assault.

The Right Roof for Tennis Ball-Sized Hail in South Dakota

Long before buying his Sioux Falls home in 2008, Don visited a Nebraska farmhouse that had been assaulted by a severe hail storm.

“The hail hit this old farmhouse so hard that it knocked off the siding, broke all the windows, and damaged the exterior to the point that it revealed each of the previous ten layers of paint. But the roof on the farmhouse was practically untouched. The only sign of hail impact was a small, cosmetic dent.”

When he asked what type of roof was on the farmhouse, Don learned it was a DECRA metal roof. Known as one of the strongest and longest-lasting roofs on the market, DECRA roofs are engineered to withstand the elements and have endured some of the harshest weather conditions in the world.

Fast forward to 2008 when Don purchased his Sioux Falls home. The deteriorating asphalt shingle roof on the property was in need of replacement.

Having worked in the lumber industry, Don was familiar with asphalt shingle roofs and was no stranger to their many shortcomings. As the cheapest roofing material on the market, asphalt shingles are prone to cracking, splitting and warping, resulting in the need for replacement as often as every 12 years. He knew that asphalt shingles lacked the durability required to withstand the hail, thunderstorms, tornados and severe weather events that frequent South Dakota.

Don remembered the Nebraska farmhouse he visited years ago and decided to replace his asphalt shingle roof with a DECRA metal roof.

Nearly 15 years after Don had his DECRA roof installed, Sioux Falls was hit by one of the region’s most severe hail storms. Just like the farmhouse in Nebraska, Don’s roof withstood the impact of massive hailstones. The only damage to the roof came in the form of a few stone granules that loosened from the impact of tennis ball-sized hail.

Don mentioned, “After the storm, many of my neighbors needed to have their roofs repaired or replaced, and the neighborhood experienced an influx of roofing contractors knocking on doors offering roof repair services. As soon as I told them I had a DECRA metal roof, they immediately knew there was no business here and moved onto the next house.”

While Don’s neighbors with asphalt shingle roofs dealt with insurance claims and roof replacements, Don made a quick call to DECRA’s customer service team and requested a granule touch-up kit to replace the missing stone granules.


Why Homeowners Choose DECRA Metal Roofing

Homeowners in hail-prone regions choose DECRA for its resistance to the elements. DECRA roofs are engineered to withstand the harshest climate conditions, including:

DECRA roofs are continuously tested by independent labs to ensure the quality that DECRA is known for is present in each and every roof. As a testament to the quality and durability of DECRA roofs, all products come standard with one of the most comprehensive Lifetime Limited Warranties in the industry. The warranty can even be transferred to new owners should you sell your home.

In addition to withstanding the elements, DECRA metal roofs come with a long list of other benefits, including:

If you’re looking for a roof that can withstand hail and nearly anything Mother Nature has to offer, you’re looking for a DECRA roof.

Ready to see and feel the DECRA difference? Order a complimentary sample today.

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