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How Contractors Can Advise Homeowners on Roofing Material Shortages

Supply chain disruptions and manufacturing slowdowns from COVID-19 have driven asphalt shingle, tile, and wood shake manufacturers to increase prices and enforce strict product allocations that are wreaking havoc on job schedules. 

Similar to how the food production sector was hit with 15% price increases, roofing contractors should prepare for 10% to 15% price increases and delayed lead times that could exceed a month. 

The timing is not great as forecasters predict a 5% rise above seasonal norms of severe weather, all launched by the increased frequency of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes, which happened more often the last year in some parts of the U.S.

Fortunately, DECRA Metal Roofing can quickly adapt to any slowdowns to provide our customers with reliable materials that are ready to ship within 72-hours of receiving a purchase order. 

To learn why now is the perfect time to upgrade your customers to DECRA Metal Roofing, continue reading to discover how we help contractors manage supply shortages. 

The Roofing Shortage Can Make for a Tough Sell

In addition to higher costs for products, damages from rain, insects, mold, or mildew caused by shipping delays may increase construction spending. Homeowner frustration can also occur if style and color choices become limited due to limited product allocations or low inventory. 

While many roofing manufacturers are caught in disrupted supply chain issues from overseas sources, DECRA products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Corona, California. 

This means contractors can avoid the stress of convincing homeowners to pay more for materials, wait for longer lead times, and potentially settle for a roof style that isn’t their top choice by offering a DECRA Metal Roofing upgrade that offers immediate and improved options.

From Pain Points to Selling Points: Why Are Metal Roofs Better?

1. Increase Home Value

Are you looking for ways to improve your home’s value? Homeowners are quick to choose metal roofs over other options because it can increase a home’s resale value up to 6%. 

Better yet for house-flippers and remodelers, the DECRA Lifetime Limited Warranty is transferable to a new home buyer for 20 years after the original installation. This means if you’re purchasing a property as an investment, you can increase its value more by adding a stone-coated metal roof that will eventually pay for itself. 

2. Energy Efficiency

If energy savings are a priority, the energy efficiency of DECRA’s metal roofs is lab-tested to show improved thermal performance of up to 218%* compared to asphalt shingles, resulting in energy cost savings up to 25%

*Related Resource: Stone-coated steel product on battens compared to 3-tab asphalt installed directly on deck. Read the full study from R&D Labs here.

3. Lifetime Durability and Value

With a Lifetime Limited Warranty and the strength of high-grade, multi-layered carbon steel, DECRA homeowners can have peace of mind, knowing roof maintenance won’t be an issue. 

To help homeowners understand the outstanding properties of DECRA roofs for wind resistance up to 120 mph and protection and endurance against hail, fire, snow, and ice, read why DECRA tests their products above and beyond what is required

4. Insurance Discounts

Many policy writers are now requiring roof inspections for homes 20 years and older, and complete roof replacements are frequently required before the homeowner policy can be renewed. Metal roofs are generally subject to inspection every 30 years, and with DECRA’s strength and durability, passing that inspection won’t be a problem.

In fact, the reputation of DECRA Metal Roofing actually qualifies for insurance discounts in many states. Not to mention, DECRA products undergo rigorous testing through independent labs that go beyond the minimum International Residential Code (IRC) or International Building Code (IBC) requirements.

Operational Excellence at DECRA with 72-Hour Lead Time

Avoiding the headaches associated with the roofing material shortage is just one of many reasons to upgrade your customers to DECRA Metal Roofing. Our commitment to operational excellence ensures that roofing materials are on the way to your job site in a matter of days – not weeks or months. 

DECRA’S approach to efficient manufacturing ensures that we can always meet customer demand to ensure your roofing project stays on time and on budget. With full inventories in warehouses strategically located throughout North America, including our roofing distribution partners, we can ship DECRA products of various colors and styles just 72-hours after receiving your purchase order.

Show Homeowners What an Upgrade to DECRA Looks Like

When it’s time to talk roofs with homeowners, make sure to show your customers how a DECRA roof would look on their home with our Roof Designer. You can upload images of actual customer homes, and compare and contrast the 27 available stone-coated steel shakes, shingles, and tiles to get a vivid preview of the ageless beauty and architectural enhancement that a DECRA roof provides.

Ready to upgrade your customers to DECRA Metal Roofing? Contact a DECRA roofing advisor.

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