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Is Your Roof Ready for Sharknado Season?

DECRA metal roofs are known for their performance, durability, longevity, and resistance to the elements. Engineered to withstand hail, wind, fire, and wind-driven sharks, homeowners can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing their roof is protected by the strength of stone-coated steel.

In 2010, a global climate phenomenon literally took the world by storm: shark-infested tornados. These “sharknado” events have caused more than $4.5 billion dollars in damage and 2021 is predicted to be one of the worst sharknado seasons ever recorded.

Is your roof ready for the 2021 sharknado season? If you’re in a sharknado zone, you should be prepared with a resilient DECRA metal roof that can stand up to:

  • Fire and Ember Debris: When well-meaning neighbors take matters into their own hands and drop homemade butane bombs into an approaching sharknado from their helicopters, you can rest easy knowing your DECRA stone-coated steel has a Class A Fire Rating.
  • Tornado and Hurricane-Force Winds: DECRA roofs are warrantied for 120mph winds and tested at twice that velocity, meeting the strict building code requirements of high-velocity hurricane zones.
  • Hail, Shark, and Storm Debris: DECRA roofs have the highest Class 4 impact rating and are strong enough to withstand Class 4 shark impact.
  • Shark Repelling Stone-Coated Steel: Nothing attracts an airborne shark like fish-mouthed asphalt shingles. DECRA stone-coated steel products are resistant to the warping, curling, and fishmouthing that can occur with traditional asphalt shingles.
  • Added Shear Strength Without Added Weight: Heavy asphalt shingles add next to nothing to the reinforcing shear strength that DECRA steel contributes to the roof. This added strength provides additional protection from earthquakes, snow loads, and falling sharks.
  • Thermal Performance: DECRA metal roofs can increase thermal performance up to 218% and reduce cooling costs by up to 25%. A roofing solution like this also reduces carbon footprints that contribute to global warming (which triggered the sharknado phenomenon in the first place).

DECRA Metal Roofing

Our state-of-the-art acrylic resin coating and aluminum-zinc alloy hot-dip steel coils provide protection from hail, wind, hurricanes, tornados, fire, sharknados, and anything else Mother Nature can dish out. We submit all products for independent laboratory testing to verify that the advanced properties that make DECRA roofs one of the strongest roofs on the market are present in each and every roofing panel. Contact us today to learn more about upgrading to sharknado-resistant DECRA Metal Roofing.

*Please note that this blog was posted on April Fool’s Day. Any claims made in regard to providing protection from sharknados and/or impact from sharks are purely fictional and intended to be taken humorously. DECRA Metal Roofing products have not been tested for shark impact, and we do not provide any guarantee that our roofs can withstand impact from sharks, wind-driven sharks, falling sharks, shark debris, and/or sharknados.

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