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Filling the Demand For Qualified Metal Roofing Professionals

Metal Roofing Installer

If you're an experienced roofing contractor, you're in an excellent position to capitalize on a golden opportunity. Consumer interest in metal roofing is steadily increasing in demand. But according to the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA) article, Metal Roofing is ripe For Growth-Is the Roofing Industry Ready? the ability to connect homeowners with experienced, qualified metal roofing professionals is a significant problem. Many potential metal roof buyers with deep pockets are ready to invest, but frustrated by the lack of competent metal roofing contractors and they're often forced to settle for a less durable conventional roof.

According to MRA research, metal roofing consumers are among the best class of customers, prioritizing quality, reliability, and longevity over merely finding the cheapest short-term roofing option. They are willing to invest in the best available roofing system to get the job done right while eliminating future maintenance costs and the disruption and expenses of roof replacements every decade or two. For the roofing professional who is willing to evolve, high demand combined with low competition is an opportunity to take their roofing business to the highest level. And adding DECRA Metal Roofing to your line of roofing options isn't as hard as you might think.

Ease of DECRA Installation: Light Weight Roofing Profiles

DECRA roofing products are the walk-away champion in every product comparison category, but the ultra-lightweight characteristic makes it a favorite of roofing crews and homeowners alike. With available direct-to-deck or batten installation options, the average DECRA roof weighs in at a feathery 3,700-4,500 pounds or just 140 to 160 lbs/SQ. That's less than half the weight of conventional architectural shingles which tip the scales at 250 to 400 lbs/SQ. DECRA's ultra-lightweight products frequently eliminate the need for a complete tear-off for roofing upgrades and remodels, saving time, labor, and waste disposal costs. If your roofing crew operates like a well-oiled machine with heavy conventional roofing materials, their performance will soar to new heights with lightweight DECRA roofing.

No Special Tools Required to Install DECRA Metal Roofing

DECRA panels can be cut with a circular saw or table saw using a concrete or metal cutting blade or even tin/aviation snips. DECRA's unique interlocking feature and corrosion-resistant screws combine for ease of installation and unmatched wind uplift resistance. DECRA offers the full range of technical support for architects, contractors, and distributors, with estimating sheets and detailed installation guides. Batten and direct-to-deck installations don't require any special skills beyond those of installing conventional roofs, and DECRA offers the full line of accessories for complete roofing systems to simplify ordering.

Replicate Traditional Roofing Designs With DECRA Beauty and Durability

The DECRA line of stone-coated steel roofing products provide the versatility to replicate nearly any traditional roof design. For decades, homeowners were forced to compromise between beauty and durability. Standing seam metal roofs are durable enough, but the bland utilitarian appearance often clashes with sophisticated architectural themes offering little in the way of enhanced curb appeal and increased home value. Other conventional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, wood shakes, and clay tile fulfill the aesthetic requirements for sophisticated homes but their life cycles are short after exposure to the elements.

DECRA vs Conventional Roofing Materials

Homeowners may not be aware of the many shortcomings of conventional roofing materials, which are all eliminated with the strength and durability of DECRA stone-coated steel panels. Clay and concrete tiles can absorb up to 15% of their weight in moisture and are vulnerable to impact damage from hail and storm debris and even walking on them can cause fracturing. Wood shakes require ongoing maintenance and are prone to loosening around the fasteners after repeated wet/dry stresses. Asphalt shingles cup, warp and blister even in the sunniest dry climates, and they are prone to "fish mouthing" due to inadequate venting and high building moisture in climates with seasonal extremes. DECRA roofing profiles eliminate all of these concerns, blending traditional beauty with unsurpassed strength and durability to replicate the most elegant roof designs with:

DECRA Villa Tile - For the Old World elegance and classic Italian grandeur of barrel-style clay tile.

DECRA Tile - Scalloped-style for Mediterranean design elements which include the cupolas and complex roof tiers so prominent in sophisticated architectural themes.

DECRA Shingle XD - Replicates the robust presence of heavy architectural shingles on traditionally styled homes at half the weight.

DECRA Shake XD - With DECRA Shake XD the rustic appeal of hand-split wood shakes can be retained for a lifetime. Unlike wood shakes which dull to grey after brief exposure to the elements, DECRA stone-coated steel shakes look as good decades later as they did on the first day of the install. Wood shakes are so vulnerable to wind uplift that they aren't warrantied for wind resistance at all. DECRA Shake XD, like all DECRA roofing products, is warrantied up to 120 mph and tested at twice that velocity to provide a 100% safety factor for DECRA homeowners.

DECRA Shake - Now homeowners can enjoy the distinct beauty of natural red cedar shakes without the shortcomings of ongoing maintenance and the need for frequent roof replacement. Even the best wood shakes are vulnerable to bacteria and fungus, and ongoing chemical treatments are required. Impact and moisture resistance is minimal. DECRA shakes provide the traditional beauty of the best cedar shake designs with unmatched strength and durability in a lightweight profile which actually adds shear strength to the roof.

All DECRA products are fully recyclable and use up to 35% of recycled materials. That makes them the perfect choice for LEED projects for architects and green-minded homeowners. Energy-efficient DECRA roofs provide ongoing savings by reducing heating and cooling costs by up to 25%.

The DECRA Limited Lifetime Warranty

Every sales team loves an opportunity to sell a superior product, especially when it's backed by the roofing industry's best, most comprehensive Lifetime Limited Warranty. DECRA's warranty far surpasses the 20-50 year warranties of conventional roofing manufacturers and it's transferable for 20 years, which can increase the overall value of the home by up to 6%. DECRA's established reputation for strength and durability even qualify it for insurance discounts in many states.

Keep Projects On Time and On Budget With DECRA Operational Excellence

Manufacturer support is crucial for the success of our DECRA roofing contractors. DECRA is the only U.S. metal roofing manufacturer with the capability to ship in just 72 hours after receiving your purchase order. DECRA is committed to supporting our roofing professionals by eliminating disruptions caused by material shipping delays. We maintain a fully-stocked inventory and are determined to provide the operational excellence that matches the superior quality of all of our roofing products. When you're ready to take your roofing business to the most profitable level you can get started today with the DECRA JumpStart program.