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Stone-Coated Metal Roofing Tools: Steel Benders and Cutters

Stone-Coated Metal Roofing Tools

Swenson Shear’s line of stone-coated steel cutters and benders can help save time, increase profit margins, reduce material waste, and improve craftsmanship for stone-coated steel roofing projects.

Limitations of Hand-Held Saws and Metal-Cutting Blades

Circular saws and metal-cutting blades will always have their place on a job site, but when it comes to the precise cuts required for the angles of intricate roof designs, they have significant limitations.

Precision cutting, not to mention cutting safety, relies on the individual skills of your roofing crew.
Anyone who has had to take a ½” off of a metal roofing piece knows how tricky and hazardous it can be with a hand-held circular saw.

And even the best metal-cutting saw blades can be worn out after one high-cut job. With quality blades costing $40- $50 plus extra time and labor factored in, the cost can quickly take a bite out of your bottom line. You can spend time re-sharpening blades but many contractors find that the disappointing results simply aren’t worth the effort.

The Swenson Shear Stone-Coated Steel Cutter

Often referred to as “the Swenson utility knife” based on its many applications, the Swenson Shear Stone-Coated Steel Cutter cuts stone-coated roofing materials, as well as any flat or folded sheet metal up to 14 GA stainless steel. The cutter can handle hemmed (layered) sheet metal up to .075 thickness.

Precision cuts are made with a long-lasting, 34” high-carbon steel blade. The blade is dual-edged and can be rotated easily to prolong cutting life. At just 65 pounds, with handy thumbscrews and removable legs, the cutter is easily transported to the job site. Simple jigs can be set up to use the cutter for accurate batch cutting at precise angles.

One of the best features of the tool is the ability to precisely trim to size and angle without the need for special skills. The 34” blade cuts straight and true regardless of user experience. 


The Swenson Shear Stone-Coated Base and Ridge Bender

Controlling water flow on the roof is essential for watertight metal roof integrity. The Swenson Shear Base and Ridge Bender is an indispensable combination tool, especially Intricate roof designs come with more valleys, more sidewalls, and the need for more bending in order to effectively manage water flow.

With a maximum ridge bend of 55” and an effective width of 56”, the Swenson Shear bender is ideal for bending stone-coated steel panels even on the full diagonal.

The machine is used on the panels whenever there’s a short course in the field, ridge, or headwall and the base bender allows for accurate panel bends at the rakes, sidewalls, hips, and valleys to prevent water from flowing sideways into the roof.

The Base and Ridge Bender is designed specifically for stone-coated steel roofing jobs and is fully transportable from the shop to the job site and you won’t need to hitch up a trailer to get it there.

  • Weighs less than 100 pounds
  • Convenient dimensions of 36x24X12
  • Quick and easy assembly


DECRA and Swenson Shear: A Winning Combination Made in the U.S.

DECRA has been providing ageless beauty as the original stone-coated steel roofing manufacturer since 1957 and Swenson Shear has been providing a safer and more productive way for metal roofing contractors to make precision cuts and bends since 1959. Together, they are a time-tested winning combination for metal roofing contractors.

Receive 20% off your Swenson Shear purchase when you refer to the DECRA discount.