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What Is the Best Roofing Material for New England Homes?

New England weather can be wicked intense. When searching for the best roofing material for New England homes, the first thing you’ll want to look for is a roof that is engineered to withstand the diverse climate conditions and severe weather events that impact the area.

New England is accustomed to heavy snow and severe storms in the winter, high temperatures in the summer and New Englanders even had to recently take refuge from tornadoes.

Add to the mix the constant presence of corrosive salt air and you’ll quickly see why it’s important to find a durable roofing solution that protects against nearly anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Weather isn’t the only consideration for New Englanders in search of the best roofing material for their home.

New England is the cradle of American history, and virtually every town in all six states boasts historic homes and classic architecture. In addition to finding a roofing material that can withstand the elements, New England homeowners should look for a roofing material that can match the unique style of the region.

Ready to find the perfect roof for your New England home? Let’s get started.

Shortcomings of Traditional Roofing Materials for New England Homes

First, let’s review how traditional roofing materials stack up when it comes to providing the strength and style required for New England homes.

  • Asphalt: As the cheapest roofing material on the market, the initial installation cost of asphalt roofing can be tempting, but it’s important to note that you get what you pay for when it comes to roofing materials. Asphalt roofs leave much to be desired when it comes to durability and longevity. With one of the shortest lifespans of all roofing materials, asphalt roofs need to be replaced every 12 to 20 years and frequent exposure to severe weather can reduce the lifespan even further.
  • Tile: Tile roofs are one of the most fragile and high-maintenance roofing materials on the market, which typically eliminates tile as a viable roofing option for New England homes. Just walking on a tile roof for routine maintenance can crack the delicate tiles, so you can only imagine how damaging hail or storm debris impact can be. Additionally, tile roofs are extremely heavy, and may require reinforcement and additional construction to the roof deck prior to installation.
  • Wood: While wood shakes are a design requirement for the quintessential New England Cape Cod-style home, they come with a long list of maintenance, performance and durability issues. Even top-of-the-line wood roofing materials quickly fade to grey after short exposure to the elements.

Fortunately, these traditional roofing materials (and their shortcomings when it comes to durability) aren’t the only options for homeowners. New England homes require a roofing solution that provides both strength and style, and metal roofing is engineered to do just that.

Metal Roofing for New England Homes

Known as one of the most durable and longest-lasting roofing materials on the market, metal roofing can withstand almost anything Mother Nature has to offer, including:

Historically, homeowners quickly dismissed metal roofing due to its industrial look and lack of curb appeal. For example, imagine an industrial metal roof on top of a traditional Cape Cod-style home.


The design limitations of industrial metal roofing became a thing of the past when stone-coated metal roofing was introduced in 1957. Stone-coated metal roofing provided industrial durability without industrial aesthetics – and homeowners were quick to embrace it.

Let’s take a look at a Cape-Cod style home with stone-coated metal roofing instead of industrial metal roofing.


DECRA Shake XD in Pinnacle Grey | DECRA Shake in Shadowood

Thanks in part to the design versatility that stone-coating provides, metal roofs are now the second most popular roofing material on the market and growing in popularity year over year.

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DECRA Metal Roofing for New England Homes

From Cape Cod-style homes to charming coastal cottages, the best roofing material for New England homes is one that preserves the classic aesthetics of the region.

This is extremely important since many homes in New England are governed by commissions that restrict changes to the way they look. Even Colonial reproduction homes in New England are constructed to look authentic and blend in with older residences.

DECRA’s line of stone-coated metal roofing products enhance the aesthetics and curb appeal of any style. From a traditional thatched roof replacement at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Oahu, Hawaii to a Victorian-era mansion in need of protection from Wisconsin winters, the design versatility of DECRA Metal Roofing means you’ll never have to choose between strength and style.

For New England homeowners looking for a roof to withstand nearly anything Mother Nature has to offer without sacrificing on style, then you’re looking for a DECRA metal roof. Ready to see and feel the DECRA difference? Click here to order a free sample.



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