Roofing Tips for Homeowners and Professionals

March, 22 2021 in Roof Remodel
4 Reasons You Should Consider a Metal Roof When Flipping Houses

You just found the perfect fixer-upper. Great location, great view, but the home needs a lot of love. As part of the...

March, 15 2021 in Roof Remodel
Do Metal Roofs Increase Home Value?

The demand for metal roofing has doubled in recent years, making it the second most popular material for residential...

February, 22 2021 in Homeowner Tips
Why You Should Install a Metal Roof Before Selling Your Home

In the 2019 Remodeling Impact Report, realtors were asked to rank exterior projects in terms of their appeal to...

February, 15 2021 in Contractors
Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal Roofing

Demand for metal roofing is at an all-time high. If metal roofing isn't part of your service offerings, now is the...

February, 8 2021 in Homeowner Tips
4 Benefits of Replacing Your Roof During the Winter in Florida

When is the best time to replace your roof in Florida? This is a commonly searched question by homeowners across the...

February, 1 2021 in Homeowner Tips
Are Metal Roofs Good for Winter Climates?

When it comes to roofing, many homeowners have questions about prices. While it’s important to find a material that...

January, 25 2021 in Homeowner Tips
3 Tips for Inspecting a Roof During the Winter

While it’s common to inspect a roof during the spring and summer months, contractors and homeowners should also make...

January, 18 2021 in
How Contractors Can Advise Homeowners on the Asphalt, Tile, and Wood Roofing Material Shortage

Supply chain disruptions and manufacturing slowdowns from COVID-19 have driven asphalt shingle, tile, and wood shake...

January, 11 2021 in Roof Remodel
5 Factors to Consider Before Remodeling Your Roof

Studies show the average roof lifespan is 25 years, so many homeowners put off the investment for as long as...

January, 4 2021 in
3 Tips to Clean a DECRA Metal Roof From Algae, Lichen, and Mold

Due to the inevitable accumulation of dust and dirt, metal roofs may attract algae, lichen, and mold over time....

December, 28 2020 in
DECRA Metal Roofing Project of the Year: 2020 Winner

We are excited to announce the winner of the first DECRA 

December, 14 2020 in Homeowner Tips
Selecting the Best Roofing Contractor for the Best DECRA Roof

Step One: The Roof Inspection One of the most overlooked but prudent steps a discerning homeowner can take, even...