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Roofing Tips for Homeowners and Professionals

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December 7, 2020 in Homeowners
Why Metal is the Best Roofing Material - Sophisticated Strength

Metal roofing is emerging as the superior choice for strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and reduced

November 23, 2020 in Homeowners
What’s the difference between direct-to-deck and batten installation?

The choice between direct-to-deck or batten installations will depend on your individual project needs, the condition...

November 9, 2020 in Homeowners
Evolution of Metal Roofing: Why it’s the Most Durable Roofing Material

There was a time not so long ago when words like "elegant" and "sophisticated" rarely appeared in the same sentence as...

September 28, 2020 in Homeowners
Modern Wood Shake and Wood Shingle Roofing

The term “wood shingles” is often used interchangeably with “wood shakes” but generally “shakes” for roofing are of a...

September 14, 2020 in Homeowners
DECRA Metal Roofing vs. Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Metal roofing has evolved. There’s no question that metal roofs are the superior choice for durability, energy...

August 10, 2020 in Homeowners
Department of Energy Study Verifies the Thermal Performance of DECRA Metal Roofing

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), an acclaimed laboratory dedicated to research for the U.S. Department of...

July 20, 2020 in Homeowners
Metal Roofing vs. Synthetic Roofing

The 1989 Asbestos Ban and Phase-Out Rule launched the synthetic roofing market as manufacturers scrambled to fill the...

July 13, 2020 in Homeowners
Are Metal Roofs Energy-Efficient?

The roof of a building is exposed to the sun more than any other part of the structure, making the roofing material a...

June 29, 2020 in Homeowners
Clay Tile vs. Metal Roofing: What You Need to Know

Clay tile was once the most popular roofing material of its time, far superior to wood for fire resistance and weather...

June 15, 2020 in Homeowners
Supercharge Energy Efficiency With DECRA Metal Roofing

Learn how using advanced underlayments with DECRA Metal Roofing products can increase energy-efficiency by up to 218%. ...

May 18, 2020 in Homeowners
Do Metal Roofs Rust?

To answer this question, it’s important to note that not all metal roofs are created equal. The rusty roof on your...

May 11, 2020 in Homeowners
Title 24 Cool Roofs For California Homeowners and Building Owners

As California’s population rapidly increased in the 1970’s and the problems of urban heat islands, air quality, and...