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DECRA Case Study: Algonquin Pod Company

In 2012, the Algonquin Pod Company introduced a comfortable, secure, and versatile lodging option that revolutionized the North American camping and tourism industries.

The Pod™ is a custom prebuilt structure that provides the comforts of home to “off-the-grid” locations. Models range from the basic Mini-pod for outdoor adventurers seeking overnight shelter to the Mega Pod for glampers with room for amenities like a kitchenette, shower, and more.

“We wanted to make camping more accessible and marketable. Our pods allow campsites and property owners to offer a unique and upscale lodging experience as well as make use of land that was once considered unfit for construction,” said owner Craig Kelley.

Since no foundation is required, pre-fabricated “pods” can be quickly installed in locations where built-in-place lodges or cabins aren’t practical.

The pods are so easy-to-use and comfortable that “customers are buying pods for off-the-grid residences during the COVID-19 pandemic,” added Kelley.

Unique Pod Roofing Requirements

Pod construction is similar to traditional boat building and the arch form requires a strong but versatile material that can accommodate the “flipped boat” design. “We needed a roofing product that would bend enough for the pod’s design. We were also looking for a product that could be installed on battens. DECRA Shake fit the bill perfectly,” said Kelley. 

Additionally, since pods can go everywhere, they required a roof that could handle every climate -- from the wilds of Northern Canada to the deserts of New Mexico and everything in between. When it came to durability, Kelley noted that DECRA products were “tried, tested, and true. Hundreds of pods in the UK are built with DECRA and we followed suit. In harsh climates, they have proved to be an excellent, long-term, and upscale roofing solution.”

All DECRA products have the strength and resilience to handle the weather challenges of the wildest environments including:

Sustainable Pod Construction With DECRA

Algonquin Pod Company takes pride in its sustainable construction techniques and materials used to create nature-friendly pods that blend with the surrounding landscape. All of their pods are built with sustainable materials from local timber suppliers. 

DECRA complemented Algonquin Pod Company’s commitment to sustainable construction by providing a roof made from 30% of recycled materials that are 95% recyclable at the end of their long lifespan. 

About DECRA Metal Roofing

DECRA Metal Roofing ensures top quality by submitting our products to rigorous independent lab testing to meet or exceed industry standards established by:

  • the American Plywood Association.
  • the American Society for Testing and Materials International
  • the Canadian General Standards Board.
But DECRA has also passed the toughest test of them all: time.
For more than 60 years, DECRA Metal Roofing has passed the test of time on more than 1 million roofs. DECRA roofing products are proudly made right here in the U.S. at our state-of-the-art facility in Corona, California. Contact a DECRA Metal Roofing advisor today to learn more about protecting your home for a lifetime.