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Do Metal Roofs Look Good?

decra metal roofing rustico clay
Do Metal Roofs Look Good?

Metal roofing has been the go-to for industrial buildings for over a century. It’s the ultimate in durability, but traditional metal roofing options like aluminum, copper, and corrugated metals have often fallen short in the style department for residential homes, especially when complex architectural designs are in play.

This is where stone-coated metal roofing changes the game.

It combines the industrial strength of metal with the aesthetic flexibility needed for residential roofing. In other words, homeowners no longer have to choose between durability and style.

So, do metal roofs look good?

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we'll let you be the judge. Here’s what stone-coated metal roofing looks like on the six most common types of homes.

Metal Roofing for Colonial Homes 

One of the most recognizable features of Colonial homes is the gable roof–a necessity in the regions they're frequently found due to their ability to shed snow and ice. In the 18th century, when Colonial architecture was most popular, wood was the go-to roofing material due to its abundance.

In the 1800s, wood shake roofs were a popular choice due to their cost-effectiveness and durability. However, in the 1900s, their popularity declined as more affordable and durable roofing materials entered the market. Additionally, increasing awareness of environmental issues related to deforestation and the logging industry played a role in this decline.

Today, stone-coated metal roofing provides the classic look of wood shake roofing without the shortcomings of traditional wood roofing.


DECRA Shake | Weathered Timber  

Metal Roofing for Ranch-Style Homes 

Ranch-style homes emerged in the early 20th century in the United States and are known for their long, single-story design. During the peak popularity of ranch-style homes in the 1950s, asphalt shingles were commonly used for their ability to add dimension, texture, and color, complementing the simple and often asymmetrical design of these homes.

Similar to wood roofs, asphalt shingles have decreased in popularity due to their short lifespan, poor energy efficiency, and lack of durability. As sustainability has become a priority for more homeowners in recent years, petroleum-based asphalt shingles have fallen further out of popularity. Asphalt roofs contribute more than 11 million tons of waste yearly and are neither sustainable nor widely recyclable.

Metal shingle roofing is the second most popular roofing material on the market and takes market share year-after-year from asphalt shingles as homeowner awareness grows about its many benefits. For example, DECRA Shingle XD lasts two to three times longer than asphalt shingles and is expertly crafted to provide similar aesthetics, bringing the same depth and dimensionality to your roof without compromising on performance.   


DECRA Shingle XD | Natural Slate

Metal Roofing for Cape Cod Homes

Cape Cod homes feature steep, gabled roofs with side gables and a moderate overhang, commonly using cedar shingles. This style, originating from early American settlers, is well-suited to endure the harsh coastal weather of New England.

Unfortunately, cedar wood shingles bring major challenges, including:

  • Quickly fading to gray after exposure to the elements.
  • Requiring frequent chemical treatments to prevent mold and bacteria growth.
  • Cracking, splitting, and loosening around the fasteners.
  • Poor fire resistance that’s not recommended for homes in regions prone to wildfires.

For homeowners looking to capture the classic architecture of Cape Cod homes without the shortcomings of wood, DECRA Shake is the perfect alternative. DECRA Shake delivers the same sophisticated, rustic aesthetics of wood roofing and is available in a wide range of colors–including Charcoal, Chestnut, Granite Grey, Shadowood and Weathered Timber. 


DECRA Shake | Shadowood 

Metal Roofing for Craftsman Homes 

Craftsman homes are recognized for their robust, handcrafted appearance and welcoming curb appeal. Traditionally, they featured wood shake or shingle roofing, aligning with the style's focus on natural materials and simplicity. As mentioned above, wood roofs have serious shortcomings and have been replaced by longer-lasting and lower-maintenance roofing materials.

For example, DECRA Shake XD is ideal for Craftsman-style homes, providing the same architectural details of hand-split wood shake and shingle roofing backed by the industrial strength of stone-coated steel. 


DECRA Shake XD | Pinnacle Grey

Metal Roofing for Spanish-Style and Mediterranean-Style Homes

Spanish-style homes are characterized by barrel-tile roofs with a distinctive "S" shape. This design creates a wave-like pattern on the roof, with each tile looking like a small half-barrel.

Mediterranean architecture also features clay tiles but with a scalloped, curved bottom edge–similar to the edge of a scallop shell. They lie flat against the roof and are typically arranged in an overlapping pattern that resembles fish scales.


Clay tile roofs, while aesthetically pleasing and essential for Spanish and Mediterranean-style homes, are one of the most fragile and high-maintenance roofing materials available. 

Clay tiles are susceptible to cracking and breakage, particularly in severe weather conditions, like hail and high winds. The delicacy of clay tiles is such that even routine maintenance activities, like walking on the roof, can cause damage.

Fortunately, metal tile roofing is so versatile that it can even replicate the classic elegance of Spanish or Mediterranean clay tiles.

See for yourself. 


DECRA Tile | Terracotta 


DECRA Villa Tile | Venetian Gold

Regardless of your home's architectural style or age, the design versatility of DECRA’s stone-coated metal roofing products provides the aesthetics of traditional roofing materials backed by the industrial strength of steel.

See how good stone-coated metal roofing looks in the DECRA Metal Roofing gallery.  

About DECRA Metal Roofing

DECRA Metal Roofing has set the gold standard for high-performance roofing since 1957. Manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in California, DECRA metal roofs are engineered to withstand:

But with DECRA Metal Roofing, the industrial strength of metal roofing doesn’t come with industrial aesthetics. Our stone-coated metal roofing products have the design versatility to suit any style while protecting your home from the elements.

See and feel the DECRA difference and order a complimentary sample today.    


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